Problem with embossing/debossing

Good afternoon! I’m new to this world and am generally having a blast. I got a 3D printer last week expressly to make cookie and clay cutters. My first build was a cutter and stamp. No silly little tugboats for me!!! Those turned out great, but I’m having trouble with today’s project. I like to top my cookies with embossed fondant. Now that I can make my own embossing designs, I am thrilled! But, today’s is not working. I knew I wanted this cookie debossed. That worked nicely. But, in case I change my mind, I wanted an embossing stamp, too. No go. All I can get is the word “Christmas.” Same artwork. Just one is a negative image. That’s the one that worked, oddly. Any ideas what I can do to make the embossing one work as well as the debossing one did?

Oh, rats! I think I confused myself. The stamp I successfully made was one to leave a RAISED design. The one that is not working for me is the one with the sunken design. I’ve made several of those already, and they always worked smooth as silk before. Sorry, if I confused others with my confusion!

You have two options - you can upload the same image for both the embosser and debosser and use experimental settings → invert interior to switch between embosser and debosser.

Or you can invert the image as you did - that is often the preferable way to do it Now if you started with an image that was a black square with while writing and inverted it you would get black writing on nothing. That’s why the rest is not showing up - they are all separate parts. To fix it, just put a black square around all the shapes (a black outline of a square).

What slicer settings are bet for these embosser plates? 100% infill?