Putting Name of Cutter on Cutter

i am trying to put the name of my cookie cutter on the cutter and i got the word typed out but cant bend it or get it on the cutter??? help hahaha

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Are you doing this in CADit? Currently in CADit you can’t bend the words. So you can place them on a flat center bar inside the cutter, or on the handle if it is wide enough. We will add the ability to place the words on the curved side of the cutter in the future.


3d builder in Windows 10 is super easy to add text. You just drag the text where you want it placed and it basically wraps itself. I now add a support bar to my cutters not only for support but to place the name of the cutter on there. It works perfectly!

Hi there! I just started using cookie cad and I love it, but so many questions :slight_smile:
How do I mirror the text on the cookie cutter bar?
If i wanted to use the 3d builder how to I import in the cookiecad?

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Is there a video showing how to add the name?

Using CADit I tried but as you know it failed on curved edges. Glad to hear that you are looking to add the ability to place words on the curved side.