Remove Default Settings

Does anyone know how to remove the default settings when you upload your image into cookiecad? My designs cookie cutters are designed to perfectly match my embossers but when I import them into cookiecad, the sizing defaults to 75mm. I just want the sizing to match my current design.

Hope this makes sense.
Thanks x

Cookiecad doesn’t read the sizing from your image. It retraces the image and sizes the parts to create the cutter. If you have the image in another app that shows you the right size, take the width or length of the bounding box (a box enclosing the shape) and enter it into cookiecad. The sizing should then match exactly. The size in cookiecad will measure the size of the cutout (the actual cutter in your hand will be larger including the blade and handle but when you use it the cutout should match the size you put in).