Removing constrained proportions on cutters

I need to use a specific height and width for a cutter and don’t want it auto sized when I change one aspect or the other. Is this function possible in Cookiecad?

One school of thought is you could do the height in cookiecad and once you put it in your slicer software you could fix the x,y, or z constraint there.

Do you have procreate? If so, you could change it to exact height and width before hand, or…even in the cricut software. Or draw it out in the dimensions before putting it in CookieCad. Basically, start with what you want first :slight_smile:

Coming soon! Currently, Cookiecad always maintains the aspect ratio of the original image. So if you want to change the aspect ratio (ie stretch the image) then you will need to do that in an image editor before you upload it. Soon we will let you do this in Cookiecad.

@kristi.bundick good to see you! Just a note, changing it in the slicer afterward can cause a problem for cutters (stamps would be ok though). For cutters, the issue is if you stretch it, the cutter walls will also stretch in that direction and you will end up with thicker cutter walls than you intended. Since stamps don’t have cutter walls that have to be a specific thickness, that should work ok for a standalone stamp.

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