Second Blade Not Printing

I’ve been printing my own cutters for a year now. Downloaded some new cut files from CookieCad and imported into Cura. Both programs show the cutter as expected per standard dimensions but the second blade is not printing. It’s printing the extra blade to 13mm and doesn’t finish the last 2mm on the main blade for a total of 15mm. I’ve re-created the files, checked CookieCad/Cura settings. I’m at a loss. Any suggestions? I updated Cura yesterday after it was giving me this unusual message that my files had been re-formatted. I recently replaced the filament. Same brand, different color.

What is your blade thickness in cookiecad?

In Cura click preview after slicing to view the sliced preview. Make sure you are looking at the sliced preview that shows the layer lines. Most likely you will not see the blade there, which means Cura has decided not to include it. Checking this before printing can help you avoid printing something that was not sliced the way you want it.

To fix it: 1) Turn on the thin walls setting in cura. 2) Make sure your blade thickness is no smaller than your nozzle diameter (typically 0.4 mm)

Blade thickness was 0.8mm and 0.2mm. Now that you say that, I guess the wall does look invisible at the top on Cura. I had reduced the wall setting from 0.4mm to 0.2mm and my nozzle is 0.4mm so I will try another print and see how that goes. Thank you so much!!

That’s the issue - you cannot print a 0.2mm line with a 0.4mm nozzle. If you set it to 0.4mm you will still likely need to turn on the thin walls setting in Cura otherwise cura will think areas where you have curves are less than 0.4 and ignore it.

ive been having the same issue without changing settings it does it on some but not on others.

what I have noticed is that anything with the measurements under 8.8cm the second blade won’t show up but if I go over that it will with cutters that are shaped, hope that makes sense.

Hi Debbie, are you talking about your cutter size or the blade thickness? Are you saying the blade showing up depends on your cutter size?

I can see it depending on your blade thickness but not sure why cutter size would matter. Can you share any examples?