Settings help in cookie cad

Hi everyone! I am new and very new to the printing of my own cutters so I apologize in advance for the long winded post. I was spending a great deal of money purchasing cutters and it is fine but after awhile I wanted to design my own unique ones instead.

I haven’t even begun to try and design my own as I have been trying to understand the settings. I am starting out with a plain ol’ teardrop cutter. The first couple I printed I used the default settings but they were kinda clunky (thick) and not very sharp. I’ve watched a couple of different videos and looked at recommendations from sellers of cookie cutters and the settings they used to try and get a better idea. I am not using cutters for cookie molds but rather polymer clay. I always roll out my clay between 2mm and 2.5 mm thick.

Someone suggest the following settings and wanted to get feedback from you all on your thoughts

Thank you in advance for your feedback!