Slicing program

does anyone know of good slicer program for Mac for the Creality 20s pro, ive tried Cura and it corrupts my printer so not using that major headache and the orality slicer for Mac my projects don’t adhere to the mat and other issues as well, I’m currently using the old Creality 123 for Mac but my laptop is on its way out and would prefer to to buy another when I have a new Mac to use.

Hi Debbie,

If your prints aren’t sticking to the bed that is probably not a slicer issue. If you post a photo of the issue and the bottom of one of your prints we can help with that. What kind of bed is it?

Having said that, I believe creality slicer is an old version of cura so it is probably better to use Cura over that. What do you mean that cura corrupts your printer?

If you don’t want to deal with Cura, PrusaSlicer is really good, that’s what I use.

Hi Nathan,
when I use Cura it doesn’t print the item properly it goes on an angle when printing and then I get all other issues with my printer and then I have to end up realigning it as it goes all weird, I’ve tried the Creality slicer for Mac and that does the same thing, I have Creality 20s pro with the magnetic bed and and plate that is flexible.
I have attached photos of what the print is doing on one side it doesn’t adhere and lifts up, as I am making cookie cutters to sell I can’t have this happening all the time on the big projects.

It’s hard to tell without photos but all of those sound like physical printer issues and not a slicer issue.

The lifting corner looks like you are printing too far from the bed in that spot. I would try bringing the bed up in that corner and seeing if that helps. You may also need to clean the bed.