Solid bar not printing solid

Good morning! I select “solid bar” on my cookie cutter, and the bar appears to be solid in both Cookiecad and Cura, but when I print, the bar is hollow. Please advise on how I can make the bar solid.
Thank you!!

Can you please share a photo of the printed cutter and what you see in cura or cookiecad?

Hi there, here are the photos. The bars look solid, and even when I put them in Cura or Cadit, they look solid, but when I print, they aren’t. See photo of finished product. Thank you for your feedback!!

Screenshot 2023-12-27 at 9.54.39 AM

That’s odd.

To see what is going to print after it is sliced, click the “preview” button in Cura, after slicing. Based on the photo, I assume the middle will be missing in the sliced preview.

Do you have bottom layers / top layers and infill turned on in Cura? It looks like you are only printing walls.