Stamp + cutter printing issue

Hi I just wanted some help from the cookiecad community.

I have printed some stamps in the past and they have printed perfectly.
The last week I have tried to print a design and I am getting an uneven wall in the cutter. I tried a different design and got the same issue in the same spot.
I have increased the thickness of the wall and am still getting the issue. I tried to print just the cutter with the same settings and it printed perfectly

Picture below. Thanks :slight_smile:

Check your belt tightness - perhaps it is a loose belt. Also make sure your hotend fan is spinning and clean. What was the difference between the one that printed perfectly and the one that didn’t?

Thanks for getting back to me. The perfect print was when I used the cutter only option. I use the same settings as I did on the stamp +cutter option and that printed out the one with the wall issue. I have also tried this on a friends printer and we are still getting the same error