Starting from scratch... Which 3D printer to get?

I have nothing but a brain full of designs. I’m wondering which 3d printer to get this is user friendly, prints high quality cutters at a speed that I can print multiples of the same design so I can sell locally.

Thanks so much!!!

Happy Icing!!!


So I know a lot of people on this site use Enders. They could give you a better description of them. I have a Prusa. They are based out of the Czech Republic. You can go to to take a look at all of their printers and features. I like this particular printer because anyone can use it. I do suggest if you were to get one and being new to 3d printing you buy it assembled. My husband is very tech savvy and was able to help me put mine together, also since he had put his together as well. These printers also have self leveling on them so you are not having to level your bed each time before you print. Now it would take a little bit of time to get it since it is oversees, but in my opinion it is completely worth the wait. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Hi Kristi, can I plz ask which Prusa you have? Cheers Kim

I have 2 Prusa Mk3+'s and am currently waiting for the Prusa XL to come out and I will be getting that one next. It has a lot of great features.


Thank you. I’ll have a look at these.

The Prusa XL looks amazing - I just wasn’t so sure about pre-ordering it. I think I’ll wait until some other people get it first.

We have put our deposit down on it. I can understand waiting. It is a lot of $$$ for it to crap out or something of the sorts. I am also part of their Prusa Connect beta program. Now that is awesome. I can send my jobs right to the printer instead of physically having to pull the cars out and all.

Exciting! When are they saying you’ll get it?

We have a mix of Prusa and non-Prusa printers in our farm and use octoprint for that purpose.

It may not be until 3rd quarter. I know they were having some issues getting a couple of their parts so they were actually starting to make those parts in house. Octoprint is amazing!!

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