Stencil - Need Help

I didn’t know if this is something that can be done or if it needs to be put on the table. I am wanting to make a stencil with wording. Is this possible to do? I will link the image I am wanting to use. It would be a little easier to do in CookieCad instead of TinkerCad just because I have to link all the little islands together so the letters form correctly.

I think you want to fill in the background black. Someone else made a stencil with cookiecad here: Feature Requests - What new features would you like to see in Cookiecad? - #25 by Carol

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This is the stencil I made.
Imprint Cutter
Blade Depth of .3 and Thickness of .1
Handle Height of .01 and Width of .01
Image that was uploaded to CookieCad:

Rendering in CookieCad:


I guess I should have been more specific. The main problem I am having is that the letters are showing up filled in instead of open. This is going to be for a person that wants to stencil this name on a cookie. Does that make sense? I have tried everything I know of for making this letters translucent I guess is the right wording, but when they are brought into cookiecad they show up filled in.

Thank you for providing your settings. That will help a lot when this is resolved.

Ok…I think we are getting closer. Is this just something I need to work on with the settings? I used those settings and this is what I have currently in CookieCad

Ok…fixed that…thank you so much for the help.

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Great! I think you might be able to use center bar to connect the floating pieces in the center of the letters. I’d love to see a photo of the print if it works!

I need a video tutorial :joy: :sob: I tried but didn’t work…please

There is an Experimental Setting: Invert Interior, that will flip what is filled and what is open. Normally the black areas are filled and the white areas are open, but this option will flip that and make the black areas open and the white areas filled.

These are the two stencils I have been working on. I ended up doing my own lines to attach the floating pieces of the letters. I also went ahead and bought a .25 nozzle for my Prusa so that the fine details would come out and boy does it make a difference. Appreciate all the help!!!

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You can probably tune the printer a little more to get the prints a little better. The Z looks a little low (you can try to go a little less negative in the live Z menu on the Prusa) and an occasional wipe with acetone on a PEI or glass sheet (while the bed is cold) can significantly improve adhesion and maybe avoid the little areas that lifted.

For the one on the right - I think center bar would have worked too since your bridges happen to be in the center.

Great work overall! How well did the stencil work?

So I tried using the center bar on cookie as and I did not like the position of where the bar was. I think that is where being able to move that bar around would help. I am just waiting on my customer to let me know when she is ready for them. I have since made some changes and made the area around the stencil much bigger so she has no overspray and such. This is my first time making a stencil for her so we are still fine tuning the details.