Strings, messy between lines

Hi, I have a problem that I didn’t have when printing in November and now I don’t know what has changed in my settings on cura that I am getting so many stringy pieces that I have to tidy up. These are only for me to use for cookie orders but I spend about 1/2 and hour with a craft knife tidying edges that I didn’t have to before and I don’t know what to set on cura that may help with this.

Do you keep your filament in a dry box or an air tight container? If not then your filament maybe wet from the moisture in the air. When I’m using my filament I place it in a heated dryer box. When I’m not using it, I put it in a vacuum seal bag and toss a few packets of desiccant beads. Has stopped a lot of my stringing issues.


If this started recently it likely means the printer is encountering some resistance during extruding. When that happens, the printer is not able to properly retract and some filament leaks out. If that is the issue, then to resolve it you will need to figure out what is causing it on the printer. The first step is to try clearing the nozzle with a nozzle cleaning needle - and to do a cold pull (if you see debris after the cold pull do another until it comes out clean).

Thank you so much. I will give that a try

Morning, so I have a PRUSA Mini+, what is the correct retraction for PLA filament for that model? And do you use the cleaning needle on a hot or cold nozzle?

Thank you in advance

The default value for retraction works well. The cleaning needle would be done while the nozzle is hot.