Suggestions for Enhancements from a Long-Time User

Dear Cookiecad Team and Community,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Guilherme, and I’m the owner of a 3D printing business specializing in cookie cutters. I’ve been a loyal and satisfied user of Cookiecad for over three years, relying heavily on your innovative platform for my business operations.

Over the years, I’ve gathered a few ideas that I believe could significantly enhance the user experience and functionality of Cookiecad. I’m excited to share these with you and the community, hoping they might be considered for future updates:

Text Addition Tool: A feature to add text on the sides of cutters or on the base. This would be incredibly useful for the users of the cutters, allowing users to identify the designs with ease or for the shops that use cookiecad to imprint their logo for branding purposes. I am aware it can be done through the editCad tool, however an automated tool would simplify the process drastically.

Direct Image Upload Capability: Enabling users to copy and paste with CTRL+C and CTRL+V directly to Cookiecad would streamline the design process, making it more efficient and user-friendly. Right now I have to upload the images to Imgur beforehand.

Customizable Rectangle Tool: A tool where users can input specific dimensions to create rectangle cutters. This feature would be a great addition for those needing precise and custom-sized cutters and to my understanding of programming (which isn’t enormous I must admit) it sounds like an easy enough implementation.

E-commerce Integration: One of the biggest advantages of 3d printing is printing on demand, because then you can offer a vast amount of designs for your customers. That means, however, I must go through the pipeline of generating my model with CookieCad every time I am printing a cutter. Facilitating an integration with e-commerce platforms to automatically generate STL files would be a game-changer. I had this idea whilst using implementing an automation with Albato in order to send the information of the approved orders on my e-commerce to appear as cards on Trello. The Idea is that instead of sending it to Trello, it could send directly to Cookiecad, which could match the SKU from the ecommerce with the SKU of a model on the Cookiecad user’s library and generate a the appropriate STLs on a ZIP file that could be downloaded.

Separate File Downloads for Cutter and Stamp: Providing an option to download the cutter and stamp as separate files would offer greater flexibility and control over the printing process. Since I figured that printing on a .6 nozzle works great for the cutters but a .4 nozzle works better for stamps, I have to manually separate the files every time to load them on different configurations on the slicers.

Bulk Image Import Feature: Allowing for the bulk import of images into the website’s file database would be a tremendous time-saver, particularly for users who handle a large number of designs.

New cutter design: Whilst fidgeting around with the CookieCad Beta version, I ended up creating a design that seems to eliminate many problems I encounter whilst printing my regular design. These are the two designs side by side. On the left is the one I’ve been using for years, on the right is the new one I mentioned. Both have the same height and the same size on the blade, which is .6mm. The difference is the chamfer. Whilst the old model goes from 18mm to 6 in one layer change, it means that that those last layers must be perfect or else the whole cutter becomes unusable and goes to the trash can. That tends to happen quite often since running this operation requires multiple 3d printers that need constant maintenance. The new design eliminates the need to have a single line extruded for all these last layers makes any small problems imperceptible. It adds a small amount of printing time but on the long run it is certainly worth it.

I believe these enhancements could not only benefit my own workflow but also the broader Cookiecad community, helping to expand the creative possibilities and operational efficiency for all users.

I would be more than happy to elaborate on any of these ideas or provide further insights based on my experience in the industry. I’m looking forward to your thoughts and the possibility of seeing some of these ideas come to life.

Thank you for your continuous efforts in improving Cookiecad, and for considering my suggestions. Your dedication to innovation and user satisfaction is truly appreciated.

Warm regards,

Guilherme Carrion
Mais Que Um Shop