Tapered cutting blade

Is there a button to select to taper the cutting edge of the blade?


I use the extra blade setting and then set my first blade to 10mm and my second to 8mm because that is the size I prefer. The 2mm at the top will be tapered in.

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hi. could you post a pic of one of your cutters so i can see the end result please, ive been trying to work this out. Thankyou

Sure! Hopefully this picture helps.

is the top bit tapered or is just flat

I see what you are saying about wanting it tapered - the top is flat. The only way I’ve tapered edges is by going to tinkercad, building a cutter, and beveling the walls. I have a 0.2mm nozzle so I’m able to get my wall sharp enough without needing to bevel it.

I do that but I am talking more about a gradual bevel from thicker to thinner. I see other cutter makers do it and was wondering if CC had that feature but I am thinking no. I am going to have to teach myself how to do it in fusion lol

I keep trying fusion but have yet to get it all figured out so good luck!

do you have your settings on anything particular for the .2 nozzle mine keeps blocking