Trying to invert center Petals

Help!!! Im trying to invert the petals in this picture. Can this be done in cookie cad? So that the petals are cut out all together.

Yes - choose imprint cutter, then select “edges only” - that will create cutting walls at the edges between the black and white - so it will cut out all the holes. Here is some more detail:

thanks so much for getting back to me, but I would like it as a imprint with no edges and no cutting edge, so basically an imprint with no cutting edge and the cutouts still remaining, I have tried to invert but to know success. What am I doing wrong?

Try unchecking edges only and setting imprint to 1.5. That should give you “lines” where the petals are but not cut the out. Is that what you need?

I’m trying to create matching cutter with my flower shape. I have created the imprint but not the cutter with the holes in it. no edges of any sort only empty holes where the petal are. I hope I have explained that right

this is what I am trying to create. I have the stamp done its the other part that isn’t working no matter what I do