Unable to print center blades for a goldfish cracker cutter


I’m trying to print something like this goldfish cracker form. Is it possible to print the inside lines that form the goldfish shape?

@CookiecadNathan any advise?

@CookiecadMat can you help?

Hey! Definitely possible. I made a mockup to show you what you’ll have to do:

First I drew this image in photoshop:

Then I uploaded it into the app.cookiecad.com and selected Imprint Cutter:

Then I set the depth from blade to 0:

I tried to do it the way you directed above. It made a flat surface with no way for it to “cut” the dough. it will leave an uneven cracker because it is squishing the dough not cutting it.

You can make the insides thinner by going to experimental settings → adjust thickness and add a negative number to the thickness.

Another way to make a multi-cutter is to upload a single goldfish and then choose multi-cutter in the thing to make drop down. You can choose how many you want and how much gap between them - they won’t flip every other row like in your image but it will make a consistent cutting edge.

Are you sure you didn’t accidentally change blade depth to 0 and not Depth From Blade?

When I do what I said and change Depth from Blade, I get this: