Walls not building - new printer - 3d printing noob is struggling

I’m struggling. I can’t seem to get a good print. I just got an Ender 5 plus. My first cookie cutter had thin walls. I used the high quality setting in Cura 5.0. So have been researching settings other folks are using. The first set of settings ended up in a 5 hour print with nothing printing well into the print job. So went back and used the standard setting in Cura with some mods based on what other people recommended.

Any ideas where I might go from here?
Oops - forgot to add photo of print:


To start: after slicing click the preview in Cura to view the sliced preview. I believe it will look like this there. Then turn on the thin walls setting and see if that fixes it. Your other option is to increase the blade thickness in Cookiecad.