Wavy & Rough Walls on Cookie Cutters

Hi guys,

I have used three separate designs (3 of one, two of the other and one of another) so lots of filament wasted now and every single one seems to be creating this rough print as well as thin walls.

I’ve used CookieCAD for months now and I’ve never had this issue. I’m using all the same print settings, same printer and filament. Nothing has changed at all but one day it just decided it didn’t want to work anymore.

It only seems to happen on one side of the designs but it also happened with different shapes. Does anyone know what’s wrong?

This is the issue: How to fix under extrusion after travel

It can be caused by a few things. First and easiest is to do a cold pull and use a nozzle cleaning needle to clear out any possible clogs. If that doesn’t help then it is likely the bowden gap. All creality and similar machines will have that issue after some number of print hours - the bowden tube backs away from the nozzle making it difficult for your printer to reach proper pressure. To fix it you need to properly reseat the bowden tube. See here: How to fix under-extrusion caused by bowden gap

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