What causes this type of failure?

Filament: PLA CookieCad Witches Blue

Sticker calls for 205c-235c

Plate: Textured PEI

Bed Temp: 55c

Nozzle: 220c

It printed this first timelapse pretty flawless for hours then randomly it went to crap. in the last second of the timelapse you can see many layers were very stringy and loose

from there on I have had issues getting the first layer to print properly

Failed another 4 prints filling in the first layer.

fifth attempt it was printing great. got the first and second layer down just fine. Then I noticed it went completely to crap all stringy. adhesion the the next layer was terrible. I noticed the AUX fan was going . not sure if that is related. wondering if the Aux fan was cooling the filament too quickly not giving it enough time for the PLA to bond to the previous layer.

First later looking great:https://photos.app.goo.gl/xFCqNZbz7s5asN4U6

Last layer printed before canceled: https://photos.app.goo.gl/DzEG1fG8m464kLE88

In this most recent failure

Nozzle: 230c

Bed: 65c

Aux fan: disabled

Chamber temp: 29c

It attempted to print the entire first layer and failed. Most of the layer nothing way laid down. You can see in the bottom right it was laying it down just fine, then mid way it just went to crap. https://photos.app.goo.gl/1Vu2DhLakv4aWfMz9 It actually tried to lay down the rest and failed the print on first layer inspection.

After this print the Bambu AMS had a hard time pulling the filament back. I had to pull it back manually from the last Bowden tube connector into the X1C at the back. This is what the end looked like.

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