What distance should you use for the imprint/stamp cutter?

For those who are using your pasta machines and need to know what distance your stamp/imprint blade should be. You can use this guide. These are Standard pasta machine settings.

Extra Thin - .5mm
Thin - 1mm
Medium/Thin - 1.25mm
Medium - 1.5mm
Medium/Thick - 2mm
Thick - 2.5mm
Extra Thick - 3mm

Play around with the settings and see what works best for you

Hey, what do you mean by pasta machine?

For those who make cutters for clay and cookies may use a pasta machine -

I thought that’s what you meant. So extra thin, thin, etc. are settings on that machine?

Yes. They are usually numbers 0-9. However, depending on the brand of the pasta machine 1 can be the thinnest on PM 1 and 1 can be the thickest on PM 2.

I have a Shule pasta machine 7 is the thickest. The more popular machine Atlas is the opposite where 0 is the thickest.

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