What's new in Cookiecad 2/18/2022

Hello Cookie Cadets!

Today we released a new update including the following changes:

  • We made speed improvements to the Library. Now it should load quickly even when you have a large number of designs.
  • We fixed an issue where the center bar was covering holes when using “edge trace”.
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Nothing is working. I keep getting a “null” error. Can not load images, can not open them nor edit the numbers. ACK!

Oh no! I’ll look into it. Can you try clearing your browser cache? Does it work in another browser?

My Library is loading slower. As a matter of fact - I have been waiting for a few minutes and it is still spinning. :frowning:

Please contact us and provide the email address you are using to log in. Email support@cookiecad or use the form here: Contact us – Cookiecad